Tuesday, September 20, 2011


These are photos taken from Yahoo - of the 2011 Emmy Awards Red Carpet. Out of the 60 photos of celebrities published, I find these are the ones that I like. Even if the award was held during daytime, I prefer stunning outfits being worn by them - and not simply plain.

I love glittering pieces being worn at events like this.


Lucinda said...

I LOVE Evan Rachel Wood's dress! Amazinggg!

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rose said...

Lucinda: Yeah..and not to mention, the bare back part..what's not to love?

Amber said...

They are ALL gorgeous. I like the first one, it looks kind of patchwork, doesn't it? Evan Rachel Wood DOES look amazing, too, though!

rose said...

Amber: it is like patchwork *shining eyes* I just love the color ;)

Mandy said...

beautiful dresses!