Thursday, August 19, 2010

getting hitched

Hilary Duff the Disney star married Mike Comrie, a NHL star in a Vera Wang. see how great she looks in the dress. she must feel like a million dollars that day.

and on this part of the world, someone already mentioned her plans on getting married too, before this year ends. it's none other than the lovely Marion Caunter, our own gem and i'm sure everyone knows who her intended is (although she's not saying who he is yet). they'll be a match made in heaven. the looks, the popularity, the money..the list goes on. she doesn't even need a Vera Wang to look like this. i wonder how grand their reception will be, and maybe for how many days (in the old days, when a King got married..the celebration will be for days). and the guy definitely is a King in this modern world, when he took over his late dad's legacy.

she's gorgeous, and i love that dress.
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ZINAH said...

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Reen Tart Nenas said...

Marion is so beautiful. dont even look like typical Chinese girl :) macam mix jer...

chloe said...

reen: maybe jugak marion tu mix kan. nnt anak2 dia lagi la da mix bnyk :p